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Bulk Metal :   Our cut to length bulk metals for the crafts person provides what is needed at a good value. Our cuts are generously long & approximately square. Metal by the running foot or yard is shipped in one length whenever possible. We use this metal to craft our own creations.
Grades:  These solid metals are of an especially pure high grade for fine craft work. All of It is solderable. It is not to be used for electrical work.
               New Craft Metal has a bright rolled satin finish. It may have some very slight manufacturing ripples, scratches & color variations.                
              Reclaimed -Recycled metal: This unused older metal has scratches, finger prints, ripples and/or dents. Some is shiny and and some has patina from age. It is all very usable at a good price. We use this metal in our own creations.
Gauges or Thickness: The lower the gauge number the thicker the metal. For example 23 gauge sheet metal is more than twice as thick as 30 gauge. See below for gauge charts.
Hardness: Basically how easy it is to bend or work:
             Medium Soft is pliable yet holds up for folding and hammering. Thicker metal bends less easily than thin.
             Medium Hard is stiff, bends less easily and holds is shape better in larger pieces
FINISH: Our raw/bare metals can be buffed up after a piece is completed.  More information on METAL CRAFT HOW-TO : Cleaning, cutting, forming, soldering & finishing
PATINA: All the metals we offer are raw with no wax or varnish and will gain an aged patina over time. Patina solutions (available at most hardware stores) can be used to speed the aging process. More about Patina
CAUTION :HANDLE WITH CARE , Raw metals have sharp edges. Rolls and coils are tightly wound and may spring open. They are not intended for young children . Gauge thickness shown is approximate.Our metals are sold only for craft work; and they are not tested nor certified safe for electrical nor electronic uses, nor home construction nor internal consumption.
Old prices from old versions of our web site will not be honored.



for sheet & wire:

*This chart shows approximate gauge thickness for wire to give a relative idea of different gauges.
The Gauge chart picture may not appear correctly on some computer screens due to different screen resolutions and page size settings.
Adjust your screen or estimate If this does not appear as one inch
We urge ordering a sample to see exact thickness and to get a feel of a wire. Nothing beats hands on experience.We do not accept returns unless a sample has been ordered first.


Gauge is thickness.The higher the gauge number the thinner the metal.
Thinner metal bends more easily.

The thickness of craft metals shipped is as close as possible to these charts for sculpture and craft work where price is more of a consideration than scientific precision from length to length.
This wire is not made and not certified for scientific precision, electronic, medical nor food use.
GAUGE Charts for copper sheet & wire:
To see what we offer in these gauges click to see our pages:   SHEET METAL       TOOLING FOIL     CRAFT WIRE    RECYCLED METAL
 Gauge  Dimension (inches)  Pounds per Sq. Foot in copper sheet approximately*
 8  .128  5.12 ( heavy copper plating over 1/4 inch thick)
 12  .080  3.20
 14  .064  2.56
 16   .051  2.04
 18  .040  1.60 ( thick copper sheet called "plate" as in "plate steel")
 20  .032  1.28
 22 . 025  1.18
 23  .023

  1.00 pound per square foot approximately

(standard heavy weight for larger craft work, roofing and range hoods etc.)

 24  .020  14.2 ounces per square foot .89 Pounds per square foot medium-heavy weight
 26   .016   .64
 30 .010  .40 medium weight sheet twice as thick as 36 gauge
 36  .005   .234 (heavy foil/ tooling foil)
 38 .004   .09



thin foil household foil- called heavy household foil
very thin foil - standard aluminum kitchen foil "tin foil"


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