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1700 to 1899

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see also WHATMAN PAPERS 1900 to 1980
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Updated Jan 22,2023

 J WHATMAN Hand Made Watercolor Paper 1820's
Early wove texture papers:
Above a blank partial sheet watermarked: J WHATMAN TURKEY MILL 1826 note the canting of the "6" the oldest blank Whatman paper in our collection.
Right watermarked J WHATMAN TURKEY MILL1824
These papers were made in the Turkey Mill then owned by the Hollingsworth family
Right: from a page of Hogarth prints- loose sheets that nearly match from a book of the time-"The Election"
This wove texture paper
is watermarked J WHATMAN 1824
Made at the Balston & Co Springfield Mill.
(this is known because it does not say Turkey Mill)
At this time there were two different companies with paper mills using the Whatman trademark.
In 1859 Balston & Co. bought the sole rights to the Whatman trademark from the Hollingsworth family.
Original Ream Stamp of J Whatman in 1770
print from a Whatman produced paper sample book c.1930
WHATMAN Hand Made wove paper 1759-1760
This is one of the first uses of genuine wove paper in Europe
Watermarks were not widely used until the late 1700s
The few watermarks seen in British paper from this era are usually simple.
Right is a partial watermark : the letter"W" for Whatman
The W is approximately 11 mm wide at the widest- top w
It stands alone and is correct for how J Whatman Sr. watermarked his papers.
This is a watermark for J Whatman Sr.
My thanks for information to Steve R. Hill Paper Historian and Archivist at Whatman -Springfield Mill in Maidstone
< "W"
Found worn copy of a book printed in 1760 -
Prolusions; or Select Pieces of Ancient Poetry
Edward Capell (Editor). 1st printing
Only a few copies show watermarks.
Title page shown.
appearing on page 35 of the section Edward III by Shakespeare.
Some copies show partial Whatman watermarks - showing the manufacture of this wove paper was by the Whatman company at the Turkey Paper Mill.
( Historical reference from Dard Hunter, Paper making: the history and technique of an ancient craft, pps 125-127)
This copy of the book has all wove paper in it.
    Whatman made laid texture paper with watermark "1690 Hand Made" A winged woman and chariot and a Britiannia device/watermark See both photos of watermarks on single sheets.
    This paper was made in the 1940-1950's for Grosvenor Charter, paper merchants in London & 1690 is their founding date.
    Watermarks are not always the date a paper was made especially if custom made for one customer to commemorate an historic event.
    The paper dimensions are foolscap and it is sized for ink and print.

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