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 The Virtual Museum of Watercolor gallery of:

Continental Antique Watercolor

Paint Blocks, Palette & Supplies


The Virtual Museum of Watercolor
This Virtual Museum is a collection of photographs
items are shown on this page are for historical interest -and are not for sale and
are physically in various collections throughout the world  
 Watercolor paint blocks were invented 1770s This made out door painting possible  
 Huber a Paris
Antique Paint Blocks date 1700s to early 1800's
we are researching the maker of these paints -
 Huber was active c.1809-38 (Thanks to J. Simon)
Below is a closeup of the back
Ces couleurs
approuvées par le
lycee des arts
se fabriquent chez Huber
Quay de l'horloge du palais
no 71
a Paris
Roughly translates as:
these colors
approved by the
high school of the arts
are manufactured by Huber
Quay of the palace clock
No. 71
in Paris
The number is the catalog number. High school probably means something like College ;different in meaning than the Americas high school.
photo enlarged for detail
A W Faber (on top of yellow block)
Paris (on side of yellow block)
Antique Paint Blocks
From the mid 1800's to the late 1800's

Blocks are used on back side no design visible
9 more blocks of various colors of same size
photo enlarged for detail
Link to History of A W FABER
Antique Paint Blocks

Blocks and fragments are used on back side some almost all the way through
Blocks say "Deutches Fabrikat" which I believe to mean "German Made" but
the maker must be in the "S B C" or the shield design.
photo enlarged for detail
c. 2010 R M Bodoh

& More 1800's to 1910

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REEVES Paint & Supplies

1700's- 1800's

Click here for American
Made brands
of watercolor paint & supplies
1700's to 1800's


Caution: Antique paint blocks like modern paint may have some harmful substances in them
& should be handled carefully and not ingested through the mouth or skin. They are not for use by children.


Artists supplies c. 1700's -1800's
Conte' crayon- or chalk holder- silver
This device easily holds the square crayons for ease of drawing and allowing the artist to use the whole arm for more elegant strokes.
The rings slid out to cinch the crayon tightly. shown enlarged for detail. Actual size approximately 6 inches long without crayons:
Below is one in brass slightly under 6 inches.


Reeves & Sons 1829 on
4 5/8 inch by 2 1/2 inch wide

Rowney & Forster c. 1815-1831
2 5/8 by 4 1/16 approximately

Villeroy & Bock Palette
size 2 7/16 by 4 1/16 by 1/2 inch thick approximately
These items are not for sale and are shown for historical interest.
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Watercolor Paint Blocks 1800's
photo enlarged for detail
Antique Paint Block late 1800's
Blocks are approximately 1 1/8 x 5/8 by 3/16 inch thick
photo enlarged for detail