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Updated Feb 19, 2018

  Vintage Crisbrook Hand Made Art Paper

A fine unsized paper (waterleaf) for Prints ~Sale~
Limited stock

Please refresh this page for current prices and avalability

This legendary paper is no longer made as the historic J B Green paper mill closed long ago.
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A Legendary paper that is no longer made!

 This Crisbrook Hand Made Paper was hand made in 1986 by J. Green & Sons -Hayle Mill, England.
   This fine paper was made of 100%cotton with a beautiful near white color. It is a hefty 140lb weight and Imperial size which is approximately 22 1/2 x 31
The Cold pressed surface is wonderfully semi smooth- Just the surface made with pressing with well made woolen felts.
    This legendary paper is considered one of the finest made for printmaking.
This paper is a waterleaf -un sized absorbent paper made for printmaking. It is great with engravings.
It can be used for some types of drawing. Some artists have used this wonderful paper for painting to achieve very soft edges- as with blotting paper. Other artists have sized this paper to suit their work with gelatin or other sizing. Few modern papers have the preferred gelatin sizing.
   The Mill closed in 1987 and remaining unused papers like this are highly sought after throughout the world. This paper is also used for restoration of works on this paper.
   Watermarks are distinctive.The photos shown were taken with light coming through back of paper makes paper look darker than the beautiful near white color.
   Watermarks :"J B G 1986" lower right side of sheets
watermark may also say 1987
"CRISBROOK HAND-MADE" lower left side of sheets


Hand Made Crisbrook Artisan Paper- the last of a great paper:
This paper makes a fine & historic gift for an artist- printmaker!
Limited stock
Hand Made Paper sizes are approximate.

This Antique paper may have slight dents to edges & interior.No returns allowed- please order the sample size below first.



Sample of Vintage Hand Made Crisbrook Paper 140 Lb. Cold Pressed - unsized:

5 x 7 Sample $4 each PS 23
Edges are cut with occasional deckle edge in some sheets complete watermark only appears on largest sheet Partial watermark rarely appears in samples-no choice.


Vintage Hand Made Crisbrook Paper
FULL SHEETS:Size approx. 22 1/2 x 31 inches
140 Lb. Cold Pressed - unsized
Complete Watermarks appear on these full sheets
Crisbrook Hand Made Paper: $78 $38 for 5 Full sheets 5PF 23
$14 Shipping in A Tube ROLLED UP by US Priority Mail - US only
Signature will be required upon delivery.
Please order a sample ahead of time- above This heavy paper easily flattens and can be reverse rolled on the outside of the shipping tube to hasten flattening- may incur some dents that should flatten when wet or pressed. These hand made sheets have four narrow deckles
Limited stock
We no longer have any full sheets of vintage white watercolor paper to offer
the few sheets remaining are reserved for our artwork through retirement.