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Updated Jan 23, 2023

 Antique G. Rowney & Co.

Watercolor Artist Paint Box & Supplies c.1844

Not for sale as this item has sold already. It is shown here for historical information.

The gold embossed label welcomes to the interior of this fine vintage paint box.

              This is a very early box in Rowney history, made by its founder George Rowney.
                                      Rowney is still in the business today.


G. Rowney & Co. Artists Paint Box
around 1844
This box shows innovations of new paints in the mid 1800's
The label in the top of the box is an early G. Rowney & Co. label. The tray holding the paint has the label of Rowney, Dillon Rowney which makes this box a transitional box when George Rowney took on the partner Mr. Dillon with His son (Rowney) around 1843-44


 George Rowney & Co
Antique Paint Block c.1844 c


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