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W. J. Reeves & Sons

Artists Watercolor Paint Boxes
From 1829 to 1890
This Virtual Museum is a collection of photographs
items are shown for historical interest -and are not for sale and
are phisically in various collections throughout the world
Reeves & Sons
Antique watercolor box around 1829
This very old box has a selection of 12 colors.  Several of the original colors appear to be still in the box.
All the blocks of paint appear to be Reeves make of that era and later.
The trade card on the inside of the top of the box is an finely detailed engraving .
Some of the paints in this box

Reeves & Sons
Watercolor paint box
dating 1870's-1890's
Boxes like this Reeves & Sons Watercolor set were awarded to students for achievement.
Awards were provided for by the British Education Reform acts of 1870 - acts which still serve as a model of promoting education & achievement.
Reeves & Sons Watercolor paint box dating 1870's-1890's.

Mahogany box with most of the original equipment lovingly used: the original palette, all its original paint blocks fitting the corresponding labeled slots, and brushes.

All the labels match each other: the colorful box label under the brush section, the label in the bottom of the box, the palette label and the labeled blocks of paint . Marks correspond with the "Reeves and Sons, 113 Cheapside, London. E.C." labeled on the inside of the lid.
This handsome watercolor set was a award/ reward by the Royal Science and Art Department which is stamped on the outside of the box and shows on the label on the inside of the lid.
Awards like this were provided for in the British Education Reform Acts of 1870 - which was a historical advancement in educational reform. These were awarded to students for "good attendance & diligence" Awards were also given to educators.
BRUSH: included is was called a "hair pencil" which we now call a brush. It is a thin handle to which a quill shaft with bristles attached.
Reeves & Sons palette
in this box
Reeves & Sons
Superior Elementary
Water Colors
Antique Watercolor Paint Box
   This colorful box has a deluxe selection of 36 colors. All the original colors appear to be still in the box!
Palette and paint block trays lift out for storage of drawing equipment.
Included are:
A palette with "Reeves & Sons" mark
A water cup - which is a later replacement.
A period key which works the lock but sticks occasionally.
A brushes & several old tubes of paint
  This lovingly used fine mahogany box & contents have a patina of scratches , scrapes, ink & paint stains.
   All colors have been used, many on two sides.
  This fine mahogany box is 12" by 9 3/8" by 2 "high



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