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Antique ,Vintage & Contemporary

Handmade Papers

of France

For Watercolor , Drawing & Print

Shown for historical interest not for sale
Ingres D Arches - MBM (France)
This laid texture paper is pre 1920 and has a rattle like linen content paper.
The full sheet appears to have four distinct deckle edges, which indicate a hand made paper.
Recent versions of this paper are made on a cylinder mould, so well done
that is often mistaken for handmade, these will have two deckle edges and two torn edges, torn from a long length of paper.
I am still investigating.
One of several sheets, this one has not been restored. It has wonderful toning from age.
right hand watermark above
watermarks from middle of same sheet
These papers are not for sale and are shown for historical interest.
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