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Paper restoration Examples

Before restoration
W J REEVES & Son Trade Label c.1818-1829
above photo before cleaning & restoration
Restoration is often necessary to lower acid and preserve the paper.
Cleaned lightly with a brush,
Gently removed any dust or marks with a soft gum eraser- pellets.
Rinsed in distilled water
Cleaned with weak soloution Sodium Borohydride repeatedly and rinsed in distilled water.
Final soaking in distilled water.
Blotted and flattened with weights..
Misted with a standard acid neutralizing solution and left to dry.- Stronger application on the back side.
I noticed that paper restoration after cleaning in this procedure was stronger and far less brittle.
below photo after restoration
note cleaning was kept minimal as possible some toning was left in the paper
Similarity restored paper- after pictures:
Note that the restoration on these was kept minimal
and there is still toning and marks
These sheets are believed to be Fabriano chain laid papers c 1560 with watermarks
All are from a group of blank paper salesman samples in a bifoloio.
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