How to order with our shopping cart
Ordering is fast, accurate and secure through our shopping cart hosted by PayPal.

PayPal assures the buyer that we are a legitimate and reliable merchant and provides recourse and resolution should you become dissatisfied with your order. PayPal keeps all of your credit card information secure and does not share it with the merchant.

PayPal assures us - the merchant that your payment and address are sincere and provides us guarantees against fraudulent purchasers.

To order and item from our web pages: Click on the 'add to cart' button next to that item. The PayPal shopping cart page will then open and you will see the item that you ordered listed as well as the quantity, price, shipping charge and any applicable sales tax (FL only). To change the quantity click on the + or - . To remove the item click on 'remove'. If you remove all of the items in the cart our order to this point will be cancelled. Click on 'continue shopping' if you wish to return to our web pages.

When you have all of the items you wish to purchase in the shopping cart, click on PayPal Check Out if you already have a PayPal account or 'Check Out' if you do not. Fill in the fields for either your PayPal account or for paying by credit car. PayPal will ask you to create and account so you can securely access your order if neccessary in the future. Continue to follow the prompts. BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS.

If an INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS makes it past the comfirmation process please EMail us immediately. We will cancel the errant order and you can reorder with the correct address. We are not allowed to change the address on the order or shipping label for security reasons.

An ORDER CONFIRMATION will be sent to you from PayPal stating that we have received your order. Shortly thereafter we will ship your order and you will receive a SHIPPING NOTIFICATION and a TRACKING NUMBER for your order from the US Post Office. This will be sent to the same EMail address that you provided when you ordered.

MOST ORDERS SHIP QUICKLY, within 1 business day.
If the Notice of shipment from the US Postal Service with a tracking number is not forthcoming please check your Email Spam Folder.
Tracking information may take 3-5 business days to appear in the US Postal system. Many times packages arrive before the information shows up in their data base. Again, if you do not receive Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Number from us, please check your EMail Spam Folder
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