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A collection of 3 Original Watercolors by

Mary Josephine Hardcastle Collier

AKA- Lady (Baroness) Monkswell



Lady Monkswell watercolor painting 1898:
       This watercolor was painted in 1898 on the Walkham river , Devon England by Mary Josephine Hardcastle Collier (1849-1930) who was also known as Lady Monkswell or Baroness Monkswell.
    see:  Robert & Mary Collier or Baron & Baroness Monkswell (Wikipedia)
    This fully developed good size watercolour painting.
    It measures about 40cm x 21.5 cm or 15 5/8 inch by 8 1/2 inch.
    After light archival cleaning it is very fresh looking for its 116 years of age.
    Depicting a waterfall on the Walkham river-her uncle owned a home and she often painted near there.
    this fully developed watercolor is finely & delicately painted showing the masterful skill she is known for. Lady Monkswell studied at the Slade School of Art She was a known accomplished painter.
    Lady Monkswell is also probably the most well known Victorian diarist due to her son, The Hon. E.C.F. Collier, who published excerpts of her diary in a book called A Victorian Diarist. Her diary contains her observations populated with luminary acquaintances of the time including authors, statesmen and peers.
    Some of the guests in their house in Chelsea were Disraeli, the young Churchill, Huxley, Millais, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Mark Twain.
    She often visited her uncle's property near where she painted this weir pool watercolor.
    Her full size paintings are rarely available as she did not sell paintings,though occasionally gifted them to charity.
    For framing it was mounted on a board with notations:
It is unsigned, but a notation on the margin of the mounting board reads:
" Near Weir Pool. Woodtoun 98." which would be 1898.
(note these detail photos were done before archival cleaning).w
Upon removing the paper from the board , for archival work, a notation appeared under the painting on the mounting board.:"Walkham"
The handwriting style appears to be that of Lady Monkswell
There is a place where River Walkham runs down through a series of pools including Eggworthy Weir, a long pool that often holds sea trout from May.

The River Walkham runs through Dartmoor National park in Devon, UK.

The date is confirmed 1898 due to note on the mount and the aging of the paper.
The painting is in very good overall condition with only a few small tears on the margins which is hidden with mat.The painting is un mounted and unmatted but is accompanied with the old mount & mat for archival information This delightful watercolour is about 40cm x 21.5 cm or 15 5/8 inch by 8 1/2 inch
Book below containing the published excerpts of her diaries.

 More Paintings By Mary Josephine Hardcastle Collier- Lady Monkswell:
    Lady Monkswell original watercolor of Gadman in the Alps dated Aug 27 1899 on the front
    And the reverse side with crocus painting and notations at a stay at Lake of Brienz Referred to in her diary -"A Victorian Diarist" pg 63
    Also she notes the hiking party she was traveling with - dated sept 7 1899.
    "Mira & Eleanor H., Reginald Farrer, Robert, Gerard, Eric (her three sons), Bob & Me!"
    This is from a well documented sketchbooks of hers.Note hand writing is similar to her large painting above.
    Approximately 5 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches
Baroness Monkswell original watercolor of haystacks from one of her well documented sketch books .
showing her delicate but confident touch.It is approximately 5 2/8 by 9 inches
Photos appear different than actual size depending upon viewing screens.
    n This delightful watercolour is about 40cm x 21.5 cm or 15 5/8 inch by 8 1/2 inch

A collection of three Lady Monkswell Original watercolor paintings & book.
Included are the three original watercolor paintings "Near Weir Pool. Woodtoun" ,Haystacks
and the two sided painting of Gadman Pass- Along with the hardcover book: A VICTORIAN DIARIST -extracts from her journals
Lady Monkswell Collection

      CONDITION: The paintings are in very good overall condition with only a few small tears on the margins which was hidden with mat.
      The weir pool painting is accompanied with the old mount & mat for archival information.This painting has been gently cleaned & archivally treated to preserve the paper. The book includes the dust jacket.

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Mary Josephine Hardcastle- Collier , Lady Monkswell (1849-1930), diarist, born at Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk,- November 2 1849, father Joseph Alfred Hardcastle ) and first wife, Frances Lambirth