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updated Jan 23, 2023
Chinese Ink Sticks
found in British Watercolour Boxed sets
from 1780's to 1890's
a visual history.       
This Virtual Museum is a collection of photographs
items are shown on this page are for historical interest -and are not for sale and
are physically in various collections throughout the world                
Chinese ink sticks found in British Watercolor Boxed Sets from 1784 to 1890
C.1820 to 1830's
Chinese ink sticks were often placed in British watercolor boxed sets especially the more complete deluxe sets.
Note: The dates are approximate and derived from the boxes they were found in
Though: from our experience they were seldom used much in any boxes that had them. This is possibly partly due to their exotic decorative appearance and also the fact that liquid ink was readily available in most households that would have a watercolour boxed set.
Still is is possible they may have been replaced at a later date, and we will defer to any expert on the subject.
Not all of these are for sale , some are shown for historical interest.
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