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The Virtual Museum of Watercolor gallery of:

American Art Materials catalogs

1700 to 1890's
This Virtual Museum is a photo gallery.

items are shown for historical interest and are not for sale

A Devoe Watercolor Book

& Art Materials Catalog :

    Dated 1882 on the title page and in first owners inscription of 1883


    Within the book are quite a few pages with labeled hand painted watercolor samples.

    In the back of the book there are multiple pages of various paints and materials available from

    Devoe, one of the earliest Winsor Newton purveyor in the states.


    In the front of the book are are two multi color printed charts



A Sussmann Art Materials Catalog c. 1892:

    date stamped on cover and on the title page



    A Sussmann Art Materials Catalog c. 1892- an early American

    purveyors of Winsor Newton Watercolour paints and other imported brands.

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